Working Group 2: A cybercrime perspective in wireless networks

Working group leader: Mr Martin GRIESBACHER

Cybersecurity plays a key role in contemporary society due to the pervasive, ubiquitous interconnection of wireless communication systems and the constant and continuous evolution threats. Cyber-attack targets are spanning from individuals to companies, institutions, etc. In this context, the role played by human beings is fundamental, since it is the weakest part of the chain and the generation of successful advanced attacks (e.g., social engineering attacks), is based on the awareness of this vulnerability. In this trans- disciplinary WG, a special focus will be devoted to the analysis of cyber-crime profiles to derive a fine- grained perspective of the feasible advanced attacks. Accurate and deep analysis on types, methods, and effects of cybercrimes on a wireless network need to be investigated.


2.1. Identification of cybercrimes

Cybercrime is strictly tied to technological development and cybersecurity. Several aspects of human lives are automated, with an increased interaction of human beings and technology, and this trend is destined to grow in the next few years. In this task, the types of cybercrimes that will evolve and increase based on the technological advances considered in the WG1, will be considered.

2.2. Impact of cybercrime

New types of cybercrimes will create an impact on business, National defence, and the awareness of the type of damages caused by cybercrime victimisation is paramount. The identification of potential victims is a tough while necessary task, for being able to advance on cybercrime security countermeasures.

2.3. Cybercrimes prevention techniques

This task is strictly related to the previous ones.
Based on different scenarios, new applications and services enabled by the new technological
progresses realised in the context of NGWS, a profile analysis of the potential offender as well as the
potential cybercrime with the associated level of effectiveness, will be considered to conceive advanced
cybercrimes prevention techniques.

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